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a designer / project manager with roots in journalism and startups

Lauren Rabaino


My next: Vox Media!

It is with giddy, bouncing-off-the-walls excitement that I am announcing I’ll be joining Vox Media in 2014 as product manager for The Verge. Vox is the perfect next home for me, having first been with a start-up that was trying to change the industry from the outside, then to a newspaper to reinvent from within Read More


How universities and student media organizations should modernize themselves

Part of me can’t believe we’re still asking this question. It comes from Patrick Thorton: Student news organizations have traditionally existed to give students experience before entering the workforce. The kinds of journalism jobs and journalism companies have changed considerably in the past 10 years, and most student news organizations are set up to mimic Read More


Can a journalist be a capitalist? Yes.

Can a journalist be a capitalist? It’s the question asked by Michael Rosenblum as he describes the current state of the journalist: We are the perpetual groveling employees, beggaring for a few crumbs and generally seeing our jobs and incomes slashed as the web and new digital technologies roll over the old. And why is Read More


Just initiated the first of many changes to my “personal branding”

I hate going to conferences or speaking to classes and getting the question, “So, is ‘Michell’ your maiden name?” No, actually. It’s my middle name (pronounced ‘Michelle’) and I was stupid to start using that for my global username from the start. So I just changed my Twitter handle to @laurenrabaino. Yes, it’s a few Read More


The future of video in online journalism

Predicting the future of anything is tough, especially in online journalism and certainly when it comes to video. I remember a time when “multimedia” was everything at conferences and in j-school classrooms. Those days faded and were replaced with “social media.” Now it’s all about data and applications. My point is that discussion about the Read More


Inside the Seattle Times’ basement

This morning I ventured into the Seattle Times “press room,” which I expected to be a room for press conferences. But, nope. It was the other kind of press room, where they actually printed the paper years ago. The whole experience was like entering a time capsule back to 1994. Everything was untouched, as though Read More

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