I’ll be speaking at ACP Hollywood in March

This year I’ll be speaking and co-hosting workshops for the Associated Collegiate Press National College Journalism Convention in Los Angeles March 3-6, at the Renaissance Hollywood hotel:

  • “Workshop: Hollywood Experience” at 10 a.m. to Noon Thursday, March 3, in the Whitley Heights room. This is the first part of a hands-on multimedia workshop
  • “Think Digital First” at 10:15-11:20 a.m. Friday, March 4, in the Los Feliz room. This is a session on how to restructure your newsroom editorial workflow toward a digital-first strategy.
  • “The Hollywood Experience Part 2″ at 1:10-4:30 p.m. Friday, March 4, in the ACP Suite. This is the second part of a hands-on multimedia workshop.
  • “Build Your Personal Brand” at 9-10:05 a.m. Sunday, March 6, in the Hollywood Ballroom.

If you have any words of wisdom, tips, links, etc. that you think I should include in any of my presentations, feel free to pass them on and I’ll include them and credit you. I’ll post the materials to my blog after they’re prepped.

2 thoughts on “I’ll be speaking at ACP Hollywood in March

  1. Some general things I learned the hard way when I was an undergrad journalist (all of – egads – three years ago):

    - The web team has to be involved in stories from the get-go. Bring them into budget meetings so they know what’s going on (I had to muscle my way in as an undergrad; it was a huge revelation for the paper’s staff). Encourage them to suggest possible multimedia components and work with reporters to develop ideas.

    - You’ve gotta use the right multimedia for the story. Some stories are much more dramatic as audio slideshows than as videos. Some sidebars work better as interactive graphics. Know what sorts of things can be portrayed best in which medium.

    - If your multimedia sucks, don’t use it, no matter how hard you worked to produce it.

    - Look beyond your campus. This isn’t a problem for every program, but it is for some (and was for mine). Campus is not the real world. It will not adequately prepare you for the real world. Find things that are interesting in your outside community and cover them.

    Building your brand thoughts:
    - Jenn Hellum’s blog at brandmeajournalist.com has some great resources on this topic.

    - Learn to use hashtags on Twitter. Participate in chats. Start following journalists who have the kinds of jobs you think you want.

    - Use your name. Everything should be your name. Go register a Google profile, a LinkedIn, a Twitter account, whatever else you possibly can with a handle that is a derivative of your name.

    - On that note, register yourname.com. Install WP. Write about something that interests you. It’s that simple. I think people get scared away because they’ve heard you have to blog minimum once a week, you have to tweet, you have to pick a specialty. Just start doing *something* that you enjoy that is journalism-related. That’s the important part. You’ll figure it out as you go along.

    - Building your brand, IMO, is about becoming well-educated on a given topic. That’s why you have to focus on something that interests you, even if it seems like a tiny subject no one else talks about. That’s actually a bonus.

    - Start locally. I worked with a freshman last year who wants to be a food journalist. She was upset because the blog name she wanted to register was taken. I asked if that name plus “phoenix” or “phx” were taken. It wasn’t. It’s much easier to build a following locally, where you’re not competing with as many people.

    All of this is probably entirely obvious stuff that you were already planning to include, but hey, maybe some of it is still helpful. They’re lucky to learn from you!

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