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a designer / project manager with roots in journalism and startups

February 2011


I’ll be speaking at ACP Hollywood in March

This year I’ll be speaking and co-hosting workshops for the Associated Collegiate Press National College Journalism Convention in Los Angeles March 3-6, at the Renaissance Hollywood hotel: “Workshop: Hollywood Experience” at 10 a.m. to Noon Thursday, March 3, in the Whitley Heights room. This is the first part of a hands-on multimedia workshop “Think Digital First” Read More


Help a bunch of bright-eyed high school journalists get to NYC

UPDATE: You can now donate to The Grizzly Gazette at gazettetonyc.info. I grew up in a modest town. Porterville, California. Population roughly 40,000. Mostly farmers. It’s a place that smells of cow manure. It’s the “armpit” of California, being the worst, poorest, most-polluted little valley in the golden state. So when something better than oranges Read More


So, what is “news,” anyway?

In writing about this month’s Carnival of Journalism topic (increasing sources of news), I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what exactly “news” is and what a “source of news” therefore is. I still don’t have a solid answer. (But maybe I shouldn’t waste my time dwelling over such questions in the first place). Read More


On the oversaturation of news sources

In any natural marketplace, competition is a healthy component. In business, competition forces companies to rethink their strategies, be better at what they do. In education, competition is what makes high school students work harder to do better to get into colleges of their choice. Competition is a driving motivator for many of the things Read More


If Zucks hadn’t created it, someone of my generation would have made Facebook

I’m convinced that the web wants to be a social space. If Mark Zuckerburg hadn’t invented Facebook or Tom Whats-his-name hadn’t invented Myspace, someone would have created them anyway and a very similar product would have resulted because that is the natural progression of the web. Remember Geocities? I do. I started one in middle Read More


Spot.us redesign 2011


This project is still a work in progress. I am working with David Cohn and Erik Sundelof to launch a brand new design for the community-funded journalism site, Spot.us. Stay tuned to hear more about a launch date in early February. Read more about it here.