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a designer / project manager with roots in journalism and startups

December 2010


One of those days

I don’t usually get personal and sentimental on my blog, but today I’m feeling exceptionally poetic. Maybe it’s the rain or the holidays or the fact that I only slept four hours last night. Maybe it’s because the year is drawing to a close. It’s one of those days that I want to freeze and Read More


College Publisher to start charging and supporting WordPress

Well, folks. I didn’t think I’d see this day coming, although I probably should have: For $4,500/year, College Publisher will host and maintain a WordPress install for college publications. This is good news and bad news. But first, a little background. College Publisher is the platform that hundreds of college publications throughout the United States Read More


Design trends in the Google Chrome app store

My latest 10,000 Words post outlines the latest news design trends in the Google Chrome app store, many of which I believe could be pointing at a future of news design. Notably, I point to: Grid layouts Keyboard shortcuts Full screen glory Multi-column text display Multi-paneled layouts Big, beautiful video and imagery In-browser notifications Offline Read More


The stuff I put on my face

After a personal IM conversation with my good friend Greg Linch, in which we were talking about keeping track of our personal data, I started thinking about what kinds of substances I’m putting into and on my body in my day-to-day routine. Then I realized that, just in putting on my face every morning, my routine creams and lotions are ridiculous. I shocked myself after listing them out. I put a lot of crap on my face every day.