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a designer / project manager with roots in journalism and startups

December 2008


Blurring the lines between social networks

We hear it over and over again: Nothing is truly “private” on the Web. But with the ability to set our profiles to “private,” we still tend to feel invincible and post photos/wall posts we’d never want employers to see.  With the continually-changing interconnectedness of the Web, social networks continue to let down their walls, Read More


Holiday shopping list for journalism geeks

Holidays are just around the corner– do you know what you’re getting newspaper colleagues? Here are a few gift ideas for your friends, co-workers or yourself (why not?). $5-$15 $15-$40 $40-$80 $80+ Price Range: $5-$15 Leather steno notepad holder For the “professional” journalist. It always feels good going into an interview with a classy holder Read More